Shopclues Merchant Center

An eCommerce is an online shopping website where anyone can buy products. These eCommerce companies do not own all the products that are displayed on their websites. Many of the products that are showcased on the website are actually sold by third-party sellers often called as Merchants. Anyone can register for a merchant account on these eCommerce companies and start selling their products. It is better to know the process to become and merchant and how to sell the products. Follow the below step by step guide to become a seller.


The first step is to register for a merchant account on any eCommerce website. You can check here to know more details about the complete lifecycle of the merchant program. You need to enter basic details about yourself and your store name. Remember that you don't need to own a retail shop and you can sell directly from your home. Then you have to enter your bank account details and finally aggree the seller terms and conditions.

shopclues Merchant Center

Store Setup

After registering for an account, a store manager will contact you and help you in setting up your store. He will guide you in listing out the products on the website. Remember that all the eCommerce websites take some percentage on the product that you sell on their website. So you have to calculate the price of the product and then update it. Here are simple formulae for determining the final price. It is the actual price of the product + Merchant profit + Courier charges + eCommerce commission. Follow the below guide while listing out product details on shopclues.

If you fail to do so, customers will return your product and you will incur losses. So be honest and enter 100 % correct details about the item that you want to sell.

Manage your store

After uploading all the products, it is time to manage your store. The items in your store should be always updated with latest information and stock. Here is a simple guide to managing your store.

Apart from these, you will receive an order confirmation from the shopclues website for fulfillment. The eCommerce company will pay you after 30-45 days of order fulfillment. All this sounds interesting to you and wants to become a merchant, then go and register online on shopclues merchant website.

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