Privacy Polciy

This is the privacy policy of Website. The Brand Ishopclues is established in the year 2017 and we have set up privacy policies on what information that we collect from the visitors and how we safeguard our website users information. Please go through the below privacy policies before proceeding to use the website.

Advertisments website display advertisements provided by third party Ad networks like Google. These third-party websites collect user information by storing cookies on the browser. The Ad networks collect information like user browser details, PC or mobile information etc. This helps them in targeting the relevant advertisements to the user.

Affiliate Links

Our website is an affiliate website and we display products from shopclues, flipkart, amazon and other websites. We are not at all responsible for the products that you buy on these websites. Also, the product information that we show on our website might change with the actual product information on the online shopping websites. Users should actually check the complete product information before purchasing on any of these websites.

Collecting Data

We do not collect any data from our users. However, the third party ads and links that we show on our websites may or may not collect user data. By visiting our website, you are by default accepting to provide your data to these third party websites.

Data Security

As you know from the above point that we do not collect any data from the user. Securing user data is not applicable for our website.

Website Statistics

We have set up third party scripts to collect the website statistics. This helps us in understanding the user behaviour. Note that these third party sites only gathers your data.

Privacy Policy Updates

We update the privacy policies regularly without notifying the users. Users always first read the privacy policies and then proceed to our website.

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