Best Guide to Buy Shopclues products Online

Read this before purchasing a product online on shopclues or any other eCommerce portal. After that decide whether you want to really buy the product on a shopping website or not. Especially in the last 5 years, the eCommerce industry had rapidly grown and even people who are living in villages are ordering products from an online shopping website. What is the difference between buying in online and a direct retail showroom? This is what we are going to cover here in detail.

I think you already know that there are some products on shopclues which you can really buy for Rs.1. If you want to buy this in a retail shop it will cost you more than Rs.100. Why the price of the product is much less compared to the one in a retail shop. In India, there is a price war going between the eCommerce companies and the retail shops. The eCommerce companies want to get a good customer base by selling the products at a low price. Shopclues want to first earn the trust of the customers and then built a solid customer base. Once the customers are addicted to buying online, then the price of the products will be increased and then eventually all the shopping websites will turn in to profitable.

Pros of Online Shopping

There are so many advantages of buying products online and the top ones are listed here.

The price of the product is less compared to that of the retail shop. Of course, it is not the case with all the products. The price of some of the home appliances like television sets, Air conditioners, sports equipment etc is very high on online shopping sites. Before buying a product, customers should check the price of the product in a nearby shop.

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Customers can check a wide range of products and then select the one that they like. In fact, you can check at least 1000 different models before deciding the final item. According to a report, whenever customer finds the time, they open top eCommerce mobile applications like Shopclues, Flipkart, and Amazon and then check for offers on latest products like mobiles and clothes.

Another biggest advantage of buying online is that customers can get discounts, cashback, and bank offers. Wallet applications like paytm and Mobiwik are giving cashback on almost every purchase of a product. They are encouraging customers to get the cashback by prompting users to enter the coupon code at the time of purchasing the product. Apart from these, there are some other third party sites which share coupons of all the online shopping sites in India.

Cons of Online Shopping

Customers are becoming addicted to online shopping and purchasing items online. This is making them lazy and not setpping out of the home. Physically touching and feeling the product is missing in online shopping. It is very difficult to buy the right size shirt unless you wear it. That is what the advantage of the retail shop. Customers can try different shirts and then select the perfect dress for them.

In online, the price of the product is fixed and there is not way to bargain. Whereas in retail shop, you can bargain with the seller and can get the price of the product reduced.

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